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What career and life advice were you given?  Were you taught to get a good education, including college, find a good job, buy a house and invest in a 401K?  Who gave you that advice and is this what wealthy families really do?  

Chris grew up in humble circumstances and was taught to get a good education and good job. He was never taught how to excel at life, create supplemental income or even replace the income from a corporate job. He had to wait until much later in life to learn those things.

Chris wanted his kids to have all that information early in life. He wanted them to be in a better position than he was growing up. He wanted them to know how to create wealth and have the courage to take the necessary actions to live the lives of their dreams. 

He combined his extensive education, corporate experience and real estate investing knowledge into a program so that his  daughter would experience and truly understand how to excel and grow wealth outside of a typical job or career. She learned, at age 6, what Chris didn’t learn until he was in his 40s. 

This is the story about the incredible financial lessons Chris learned about growing wealth and then shared with his daughter. 

RENTING FROM MY 6-YEAR-OLD is a must-read for professionals wanting to take control of their futures and for families wanting to give themselves and their kids the financial and wealth-creation edge.

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Available in paperback, hardcover, eBook
and audio versions.

What obstacles and excuses do we use every day that prevent us from living our best lives?  What narratives are we listening to that hold us back?

In NEW STEEL, Chris demonstrates that none of those obstacles and excuses are even remotely real. Chris was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both hips. The simple act of standing up from a chair was extremely difficult, and walking was incredibly painful. He needed two total hip replacements, just eighteen months apart. 

Chris kept pushing the boundaries of what recovery looks like. Not only did he return to the active lifestyle he once had, he went far beyond his previous limits and completed two IRONMAN triathlons.  

NEW STEEL provides guidance and inspiration to overcome the obstacles in your life. Chris shed the coasting-through-life mindset and focused on doing the extraordinary by asking the simple question:

How can I make the impossible, possible?”

He then searched for the answer.  

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO. Turn your problems into your power and live the rest of your life as you deserve, starting RIGHT NOW.

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