Chris Bystriansky


Chris Bystriansky

(One of the many pronunciations: By stran ski)

I came from pretty humble beginnings. To make a better life, I was taught to get a good education, find a job, buy a house, save money and then retire. Halfway through my life and successfully sticking to that plan, I realized it was not the best approach for me and I was living way below my potential.   

I earned a world-class formal education after attending college, law school, and then business school. I worked in the corporate world over fifteen years before finally breaking free to pursue higher interests, including creating multiple streams of income, increasing my fitness and making an impact on the world. I follow my passions, look for ways to help others, and strive to get better every day.

Now I’m opening my playbook and sharing my life experiences to help you get to your next level in all areas of life including health, wealth and the impact you make for yourself and those around you.

I like endurance events to push my limits and have completed two IRONMAN triathlons, participated in 29029 and even golfed 100 holes in a day.  

I am a husband, father, real estate investor, attorney, author, speaker, coach, IRONMAN triathlete, golfer, and much more to come.

I have a BA in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University, a law degree from the University of Houston, and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business.


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